Saturday, January 02, 2010


I love early January, when we look back at what we accomplished in the past year. It's a bit of a knit-blogging tradition I think, to assess what we achieved and plan for the upcoming year. For me, 2009 was the year of the shawl.

Knitting a triangular shawl was one of my goals for myself in 2009, I ended up knitting 9, and loved it. I'm not sure how many shawls a sane person should confidently own, but I'm going to continue making them anyway.
I made far less socks than I have in the last 2 previous years, this year only finishing 7 pairs! (although I currently have 5 pairs on-the-needles!)There was a smattering of toys in the last part of the year, the odd hat, vest, baby-thing.. but on the whole, this year only yielded 31 finished objects, compared to 47 in 2008 and 34 in 2007. Have I hit my peak?? Perhaps, but we will wait and see what 2010 brings.

Goals for 2010 include:
  • fairisle socks
  • steeking!
  • cardigan using light weight yarn
  • more estonian lace.
  • knitting from stash!