Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Silly little Socks!

I finally finished the "Boudoir Booties" I started a while back. Actually I just looked at my email confirmation from the order on the yarn, and the date was 21st October, so I would say that I started around the end of October and finished the first quite quickly. Second Sock Syndrome set in though, and if it wasn't for the train trip into and out of Melbourne that I took on Sunday, I don't think I would have got them finished at all! So here they are. The are cute and comfy, and if you get them for Christmas, I promise they have been washed :P So details: Boudoir Bootie by Ceila Ng from Yarn Magazine issue 3, wool - Lorna's Laces in colourway Black Purl bought from Purl Yarns and knit from beg Nov 2006 - beg Dec 2006.

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