Wednesday, December 13, 2006

sock soaker

Well after the dodgy pattern fiasco, I decided to frog the sock. I just couldn't get enthused about it, and the wool was just too luscious to spend on a project I didn't love. One thing that this frogging incident has alerted me to, is that I'm more inclined to be a process knitter, not product. While the finished item is a nice by-product, the process of getting there is more important to me. I'd say that I'm probably 60 - 70% process, 30 - 40% product orientated, but I guess it depends on the product too.. some things are just too cool to not want to finish fast!

Anyway, the wool I used for the frogged sock was DK BFL. I'd had it dyed for quite a while.. I think I posted about it in October. It was kettle dyed in pinks, oranges and greens, and while I *liked* it at the time, I *loved* it once I began knitting it. I also *loved* the lace pattern on the sock, so decided to knit a soaker with the lace pattern encircling the waist and legs, and it has come up beautifully!

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