Monday, January 22, 2007

don't blame the yarn!

After becoming quite desperate in my search for a replacement wool to use on Rogue, I decided to bite the bullet and dig out the Rowan Tweed for a second shot. A certain sense of de ja vu crept up on me as I reached row 18, but thankfully a quick gauge check showed that I'm right on track. I was never as concerned this time around though, as the yarn was much more pleasant to knit with on 5mm's. I'm no longer worried about slightly nubbly cables, I actually quite like the texture, and to be honest, I'm not good enough to have perfectly tensioned cables which would look perfect anyway. And I think I told someone that the yarn felt like string at one point... well when you're knitting twisted stockinette and it's so tight that the yarn is cutting into your hands, then I guess even cashmere could feel like string. So this time around, I ditched the twisted stockinette and did a rib hem facing (which will be folded up and stitched down) and I think this got me off to a far better start! I'm feeling the Rowan love :)


Jack said...

I am glad you are finally feeling the love!

Tania said...

I can see the love :) It's looking rather fab.

Stitch Sista said...

Cool. Can't wait to see it finished and modelled ;:!

BumNRound said...

Looks good Sam :)

I have just done twisted stockingette on something else, and didn't have any trouble with it being too tight or funky.
Maybe I'm doing it all wrong but LOL