Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another crap picture of Rogue

I asked Amber this morning to take a couple of pictures of me wearing Rogue to *really * show off the cable detail, but all she managed was this before the camera batteries died... umm no better than the previous ones really - oh well :)

And here is my progress on Jaywalkers - I cast on last night, and after some major stupidity in the pattern-reading department, I'm making good time. It's much more sensible to be knitting something that doesn't drape across your knees when it's this hot - socks were a good idea - thanks for getting me going on them Tania!

My Wicked has come to a grinding halt. I got to a try on point a couple of nights ago and realised that it would probably end up being too big for me, but I'm going to push on regardless, and if it end up too big, I'll gift it to my mum :) The passion has gone from our relationship though.. if Wicked can't be for me, then I've lost interest.. I'll pick her up again in a couple of weeks I'm sure.


Bec said...

I love how the hood/collar sits on Rogue! Just fab. And you have inspired me to get my Jaywalkers out again ;)

Sam said...

hehe... that was what I was trying to convey with that pic Bec, but as Tania pointed out, it DOES look like a mug shot :P