Thursday, February 15, 2007

Central Park Hoodie here I come!!

Rogue is nearly finito! All the knitting has been done, and the intention is to have it finished over the weekend. Wicked needs partial frogging. Even though it is a dead simple knit, I missed an increase somewhere - that will teach me for trying to talk to interesting people while knitting (and losing my row counter...) And the real point of this post was to link to this blog, and inparticular this post . I suddenly got the idea in my head that I needed to do a cardigan.. and more importantly a zippered cardigan, in lieu of the Everyday Tweed.. so I have quite a bit of Jo Sharp DK Silkroad Tweed in Boheme that I wanted to use for it. I was VERY excited to see an already made CPH in the exact same yarn! And the mod's look fabo too! So I'm hoping to use this as inspiration when I get onto starting it.


Ann said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my CPH - I guess great minds think alike. Jo Sharp's yarns are fabulous & I love knitting with them esp the cotton. I have also just bought a copy of Wicked & planning to knit it with a 4ply handpainted merino. Happy knitting.

Baa Bum Mum said...

I too am planning to knit this, however down the long path of WIPs :P