Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Working through the WIP pile.

WAVY is now finished! I was at a bit of a loss as to what to take to our first inaugral s'n'b.. something not too big (because I was going to have to carry it there), or complicated (you can't bitch if you're reading charts) or black (because the lighting wasn't great). It didn't leave a whole lot, so I decided to take (and finish!) wavy! So here is a pic of me looking pretty pleased with myself over wavy.
Our first knitting get together (i'm hesitant to call it a s'n'b just yet ;) ) was a lot of fun, with good coffee, wine, cake and company. We hope to make it a bi-monthly occurence (hmm sudden thought - is bi-monthly twice a month, or every 2 months? anyway, we're aiming for twice a month) on the 'somethingth' Tuesday and the 'somethingth' Sunday (I can't remember which.. I told you I wouldn't remember Jack :P) so hopefully if any out-of-towners are interested they might be able to make the trek here on a Sunday.

I've definitely indulged in stash-increasing over the past couple of weeks too. I've ordered some Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed in Red, ostensibly for the Sunrise Circle Jacket,but really.. who knows. I also picked up some Filatura Di Crosa Zara in black yesterday from the LYS, enough for either Sizzle or Ms. Marigold - my gauge is going to be out on both of these, Sizzle more so than Ms. M, so I'm not sure how to tackle this problem yet - I shall think on it.


Stitch Sista said...

Nice to see a smiling Sam ;)(beautiful wavy too...colour is ACE!).

Can't wait to meet up for your S'n'B some lazy Sunday - just got to convince G that no, taking the kids would *not* be a good idea ;).

Jack said...

It is the 2nd Sunday and the 4th Tuesday for the record (I will have it tattooed on Sam's forehead in due course). It was indeed great ful although I have frogged the headscarf I was working on as it had some nasty loose bit in it. :(

Sam, glad you finally finished Wavy AND sewed the ends in. ;)

Jack said...

Forgot to add that it was great to finally neet Tania after hearing so much about her. :D

susieq78 said...

Hi Sam. Can finally post comments on your blog. I read it all the time but never got around to posting lol. Can I join your SnB? Would love to join some fellow knitters for some fun.

P.S Thats a great scarf and a great photo of you:)

Tracy said...

Congratz on finishing wavy!!