Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vintage knitting

I bought myself a long over-due new printer yesterday. Actually it's a very cheap printer/copier/scanner, which is what's enabling me to finally share these. Isabel (my aunt from the guild) sent me home with this MASSIVE pile of genuine vintage knit patterns, weaving primers and dyeing books. There is some unreal stuff in here, and I've only scanner (woohoo a scanner ;) )some of the ones I actually like. There is far more of the dodgy stuff which I'll share at a later date - it all has it's merits though.

This lot, I would actually considering knitting - I pretty much like it all!

Feel free to add your own captions.. I'm tittering away at my own here, but I'm probably the only one who finds them funny, so I'm not going to embarass myself by sharing :)


susieq78 said...

Don't worry you aren't the only one who finds them funny. I have been having a good giggle over them lol.

Although its amazing what potential you can imagine for the patterns with simply another model or colour/yarn. Or perhaps another era lol.

I definetly need an aunt like yours. Hey did you know theres a Ballarat spinners, knitters etc guild. If you ever want check it out let me know and we will brave it together.

Happy knitting and chocolating!

Jack said...

I can just see the big man in that little yellow number. ;)

BumNRound said...

OH Sam - So I am not the only one with a stash of vintage patterns!!!

I got some new ones the other day and included is a "maternity" smock.

MMMMMM Rent a tent soo doesn't do it justice.

tikki said...

Another lover of vintage patterns here, and they are from my favourite era ;) I keep finding the same hilarious man's vest every where ~ it must be meant to be LOL

I love the length on the first jumpers, and the crossover top is very very cute!

Lou's Mum said...

PMSL what on earth is that guy in the second pic doing?! (yellow jumper) does not look like a natural pose at all LOL

My mum also has a lovely stash of stuff like this. some of it isn't half bad if you can imagine it in different colours and no dorky poses or expressions!

Anonymous said...

Love the jumpers- not sure about the high pants though LOL