Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Swans and the Lake

Our local lake totally dried up this year. It's only shallow at the best of times - I think the deepest point is about 3 m, but in January this year, there was no water in it at all. The lake hosts heaps of water birds, amongst them, families of black swans. Every year we see baby cygnets emerge and grow - it was no different this year, the swans still bred, but it was heartbreaking to see them trudging through the mud from tiny puddle to tiny puddle with their offspring waddling behind them. The Lake's curators made a decision earlier this year to relocate some of the swan families to a neighbouring lake.

Now they're back! The lake has started to refill! We are still a long long way from being anywhere near full capacity, but we have puddles again! The biggest puddle of all is in the rowing course, which was deepened while the lake was empty. The first picture above with the kids in the foreground, was taken a couple of months ago. This blurry photo below (taken with my phone) was taken today in the same spot.


Tania said...

Oh my those two children in that middle photo are just too gorgeous Sam. Whoever could they be!!!

Jack said...

It is so lovely to see even puddles again!