Monday, August 13, 2007

Fug Uggs

Not so great Uggs. A bit mismatched and in need of a shave, but it's another one off the WIP pile, and a pair of warm feet for Max



Knit using double strand of Lambs Pride Worsted on 9mm needles, and some 50c novelty yarn from Lincraft (can't remember brand - it's pretty much all the same isn't it?) Will try and get an action picture if he ever deigns to wear them.

ETA: And here action shot is!

They are a bit slippery on the floor boards, so are going to require some type of non-slip soles.

I also cast on for another fulled item yesterday. I wouldn't have been even remotely interested in doing it had I not seen this fabulous example at Craftster. I am besotted! I am nearly finished the knitting - with only half the handle to go. I'm using lime green 8ply from Rainbow wools. I hope it's going to be substantial enough to make good felt, as the suggested yarn is a worsted weight... ah well - I will know tomorrow!


Dyelicious Hand Dyed Yarns said...

Awww - they are just too cute!! :D

I love love love the little bag and I can feel some felting coming my way....Can't wait to see yours - especially in lime green!!!!!

Now to dig through my stash to see what I have that might be suitable!

Irene said...

Nice uggs! The Lambs Pride felts beautifully.

Are you using one or two strands for the bag? The pattern doesn't mention using two strands anywhere but the Craftster bag was made with two strands? I've just started this bag to use up some Utiku berries :)

Ann said...

Love the uggs & they look great! I have been thinking of knitting that bag too.

Anonymous said...

great uggs! is that the fibre trends patterns?