Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I <3 Christmas!

Even though the fingerless gloves are now complete, I still want to keep this yarn in this bag forever! Don't the colours just look fabulous? This gorgeous little bag was sewn up for me for Chrissy by the ever-clever Jacki. Compared to my half-arsed attempt at a project bag yesterday, this is totally top quality in workmanship and design - It has a drawstring top as well as a snapped flap - I love it! She even gave me two! And yarn as well! Some gorgeous pink yarn of the same variety as the orange in the picture below - Knittery Cashmere blend sock yarn. I have so much of the orange left over - 60g or so, I'm feeling a stripey pair of orange and pink socks coming up! Thanks Jack!
And here are the quick gifts I whipped up for my dear ol' ma! This project was originally a hat for Patrick, that I wasn't particularly happy with, so I felted it, and shaped it around a bowl. The cookies are a labour of love, because I don't particularly like baking, and I'm not very good at it either, but these ones are ok. I know Mum will appreciate them.
Here is my dear Mum modelling her gifts - she'd not be happy to know I posted this pic on my blog, so I won't be telling her :) The scarf was a last minute idea too. I cast on for it 2 nights ago, and finished it yesterday. It's the left over Noro from my Clapotis (which I just realised I never blogged about!), knit into the "Scrunchable Scarf". The texture of the pattern, combined with the texture of the Silkgarden, makes for an amazing scarf - I love it! Some better pics on Ravelry.


Jack said...

Merry Christmas my friend, :)

catsmum said...

I think your bowl was a very clever solution and the scarf is my [current] most favourite Silk Garden colourway - I used it in my messenger bag and everyone nearly had a pink fit that I was felting Noro!!