Thursday, January 31, 2008

What was I thinking?

I'm normally pretty fussy about the projects I begin, particularly when the item is going to be a full size wearable one for myself. So I don't know what I was thinking when I cast on for Rosedale a few nights ago. I had just got back from Spotlight feeling particularly pleased with my haul of Katia Tundra, a wool/acrylic/rayon blend, which has the gradual tweedy colour changes of Patons Shadow Tweed. I'm a sucker for a bargain and $1.99 for a 100g ball (particularly when it's marked down from $17.95!) was just too much for my much depleted will power.
So $14 and 7 balls later I'm at home and cruising Ravelry to find a project for my very special yarn, and remembered Rosedale from an old issue of Knitty. I think my thought processes were looking for something simple to showcase the colours, but really, I think I was high on the fumes of the permanent moth-proofing, because now in retrospect and a third of the way through this project, I can't see anything endearing about it at all. Ah well, I will soldier on with the monstrosity, and who knows, I may even like it at the end.


Tania said...

Oh no! I hope when your fume-induced euphoria wears off you find something endearing about it. You could always call it an UGH on Ravelry if you don't, I get a great laugh out of those!

Stitch Sista said...

I'm having a wee chuckle at this...I learned long ago that a bargain is only a bargain if it's something you would have liked/worn anyway...otherwise it's just a waste of $1.99 ;).

BTW got the longies! They're gorgeous! Will post a pic later :D.

Ann said...

It looks alright & your choice of pattern is nice. Hope you will carry on!

lucretia said...

So how's it going?

I've done the spontaneous cast on thing and, well, sometimes the lack of consideration shows lol

I agree with Tania, if it goes wrong write a tale of woe and mark it as an UGH for the entertainment of bored knitters everywhere.

catsmum said...

I have to be the Devil's advocate here - if you really are underwhelmed, I'd frog it and look for a project that 'whelms' you. It's good yarn at a good price but why put all that work into something you may not finish and possibly won't wear? ,,, and it can still be an UGH on Ravelry.