Friday, April 18, 2008


I'm trading my SAM (sock a month) for BAD (block a day). This Lizard Ridge thing is slightly consuming me at the moment. I've been waiting for the enthusiasm to suddenly disappear, but so far I'm still in thrall to the goodness of short rows and colour changes.My original idea was to perhaps do a single square between more interesting projects, or perhaps committing to doing one square a week, but so far I've been churning out one square a day. I have another one currently on the needles with 6 rows to go... perhaps today will be a 2BD?

By the way, the numbers on the squares are the colourway numbers, for anyone interested.


Jack said...

Hmmmm yet another addiction. ;)

Ann said...

The colors are all so gorgeous. No wonder you are addicted - I will be as I love to watch the colors evolve as I knit.