Tuesday, February 24, 2009

shawls are the new socks...

Why didn't anyone tell me how enjoyable lace shawls were to knit?! Especially the one skein of sock yarn type! For someone who has never worn a shawl before, or even considered that it would be a stylish look, I am certainly sucked into the vortex of shawl knitting and wearing!
I currently have Waves of Leaves on the needles in beautiful Jolly Jumbuck Hercules in the sock club colour "Mermaids Lair". It's not an entirely intuitive pattern like the last 2 I have made, but it's easy enough to get into the rhythm and follow the chart. I've forgone the use of life lines in this one, and I'm keeping my fingers cross that I won't need them. A clever friend told me this tip: If you use interchangeable needles, an easy and quick way to placing a lifeline, is to thread some dental floss through the tightening hole on the cable join and simply knit away - the thread follows the needle, and at the end of the row the lifeline is in place! Unfortunately my 4mm tips are in use, so I'm using a fixed addi turbo for this project, hence the reluctance to thread lifelines! I'm hoping I won't regret it!

And finally, a quick introduction to our newest family member! This is Jill.Jill is a 4 year old wire haired Jack Russell terrier cross, and we adopted her from the RSPCA.
She had been at the shelter since the 9th of February. She was tagged and registered, appeared fit and healthy and looked like she came from a good home. For whatever reason, her owners decided not to come and collect her after several contact calls. She is the sweetest, quietest little dog I have ever met. Perhaps her behaviour could be partially attributed to her recent *ahem* operation, but I don't think I've misjudged her nature, she is just a sweet little girl, and is already well loved :)


Tracy said...

Congratulations on your adoption. She's a cutie. Jack Russells don't mix with chickens, a friends has a count of over 20 kills. Great rabitters too. They are bred to chase rats. Despite there chicken bad habits they do make loyal and faithful friends but they are too intelligent and need company and stimulation or they can be very naughty (from experience).
When we moved here to SA we had to find a new home for our two as we have sheep in the block next door and the farmers around here shoot dogs who chase sheep.

dash robin said...

Jill is the cutest dog and yet another draw card to your place for me! Can I move into your shed out the back? I am sure Jill won't mind and I can use all these shawls you are churning out to keep me warm in the winter months. ;o)

Alrischa said...

Can you make a shawl from one skein of sock yarn?! I really have to try shawls one day.

Love the mermaid one. Ü

Jeanne said...

Jill is a cutie - congrats! And how nice that you adopted her from a shelter.

The shawl is gorgeous - love the pattern and color.