Friday, May 22, 2009


According to my blog stats, 0.2 is the amount of posts per week I write. That's pretty poor form. I actually don't have anything of interest to share today, but that pathetic little statistic prompted me to post, and to try to make my meager progress on a great many projects look exciting.

So! I have a great many WIPS at the moment, I've actually been in the throes of startitis and my Ravelry in Progress widget over there -----> is telling a great lie. I've actually not listed all my current stuff on Ravelry as it really becomes just too overwhelming for me to see all those little progress bars awaiting some forward motion. My latest cast on was some new toe-up socks which I began just today after our first foray into the new Morris & Sons store in Melbourne. Talk about kid in a lolly shop! So much choice! So many colours! So many pattable yarns, and they haven't even fully unpacked the store yet. Tomorrow is the official grand opening with their HUGE May sale with 20% off. Tania and I couldn't make it tomorrow, so a trip on the train to Melbourne today to do some stash enhancing was the only way to go.The observant among you may note that these socks are being knit on some cabled needles, and in fact they're being knit on 2 knit picks circulars. Yes, I have converted to the 2 circ method.. me.. the die-hard dpn user! I urge you to give it a go if you haven't. The yarn is from the Kaffe Fassett range by Regia (colourway 4259 fire), and my aim is to knit until the yarn runs out.. hopefully I'll get something resembling knee socks.

I actually do have one FO to share which I had forgotten about, and it is the Tudora neckwarmer from Knitty. Knit in Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Moss, using less than 1 single 50g ball. This was for a swap at Woolaholics, and Bec the recipient apparently like it which makes me happy :)
I bought some more JS Silkroad today to make one for myself in the colourway Spain (scroll to bottom) - yum!

So, that was a fair bit more long winded than I intended... apparently I did have something to say! 'Til next time!


Kat said...

omg Kaffe has a yarn range? yummo..I love that Tudora neckwarmer think t might have to be on my list too

Bec said...

I absolutely love it - the colour is my favourite mossy sort of green and it's snuggly warm and has the best button! It's awesome! Thanks Sam ;-)

Peta said...

I love the colours of the sock yarn, they will look amazing!

Alrischa said...

M&S have a pretty good range on their website. Funny that they already have a Clearance section and "Up To" 80% off all stock (which is basically meaningless). Wish I had lots of money Ü

I know what you mean about WIPS. It's depressing to see them lined up, and so easy to hide them all around the house.

I love two circulars. Less spikey, less needle-swapping, less DPN ladders, and if my kids get hold of them, they find the needles hard to pull out.

Ann said...

The colors of the sock are great & knitting toe-up is my favorite. I still prefer dpns as circulars slow me down with all the pushing & pulling. Happy sock knitting.