Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yep, I was surprised too! Actually the desire to sew came about from a product driven desire rather than process, and surprisingly the finished product was sorta-kinda-nearly exactly what I wanted!
I've been lustfully longing after one of these project bags that Peta has been churning out, but due to a self-imposed buying ban, I decided to try to make one instead. After a quick search I found this tutorial, and even tried a bit of a modification that sorta-kinda worked!
I bought the fabric ages ago from Atomic Textiles, I'm sure I probably planned to make something for one of the boys with it. I will definitely try another one in some nicer, more grown-up-person appropriate material, and come to think of it perhaps Jacki will let me raid her fabric stash, I know that she's got some very cool Michael Miller stuff hidden away!

There has been some knitting going on too. I've been quite excited by this pattern, it is Ornette by Cookie A, and is one of the most interesting and involving knits I've done for quite some time. I'm close to finishing the first one, and am even looking forward to the second! I'll do a full report on them when I'm done... because today I'm all about the sewing! yay sewing!


Jack said...

Come raiding. :)

Tania said...

Nice socks - nice sewing!!!!