Wednesday, November 11, 2009


After realising how many odds and sods I had on the needles last blog post, I dug in and managed to finish 4 of the 5 that I committed to, and it's not yet a month past! I think I'm doing well.

First off the needles was a yoke neck sweater. A tiny little thing, probably a size 2. It has no intended home, and was really just an experiment to see how far that 100g skein would stretch. I don't even have a picture to share, you'll just have to trust me that it is very cute and is now tucked away awaiting a new owner.

Secondly were the awesome Ornette socks. Knit in Wollmeise 100% in Safran, these were complex, yet highly intuitive - Cookie A is a sock-designing genius, and of course the colours of Wollmeise cannot be beaten (even if you don't like yellow, you can't deny the colours of these is stunning!)
Thirdly were my knee-high socks, which were began way back in May. These were a labour of love and I'm glad they're finished, even though I probably won't be able to wear them for another 6 months!
Lastly is the Bramblewood vest, which is lovely and warm and snuggly and I sweltered in it today to bring you these pics (34 degrees C and I'm wearing wool, and I'm not looking happy)In all the excitement of finishing 2 pairs of socks, I have cast on another 3 pairs - hopefully I'll have all these finished by next months blog post!


Jeanne said...

The socks are beautiful - I absolutely love the yellow!

What a great vest - and it looks very nice on you!

dash robin said...

cute feet sock photos sam. and the vest is very celtic, i like it! good work too getting all those things finished...xo

Bec said...

OMG - that vest is gorgeous! and well done on actually modelling it in this weather!!

lucretia said...

They all look great Sam, you are a knitting machine :-) Those socks look HARD lol The vest looks great, is it Jo Sharp?

Wollmeise is amazing isn't it. I don't know how she does it but the two skiens on my shelf stand out even amongst the other gorgeous yarns. The colours are so deep.

Ann said...

The socks are lovely & you look great in Bramblewood. I have this vest & the yarn ready to cast on.

Lucky-1 said...

Those sock are amazing and I love the colour.

Amanda said...

Those Ornette socks are stunning!

Lynne said...

I love the cable work on that vest and the colour is gorgeous. The Ornette socks are, as you say, stunning - what a complicated looking pattern! It shows up a real treat in that Wollmeise yarn.

I have a pair of striped knee high socks on the needles. They were started in the mid-seventies on straight needles and will only fit someone with a very small foot. I am keeping them for the 2012 Ravelympics as a frogging project (hope there is one). I missed the Ravelympics this year.

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