Saturday, December 19, 2009

I like crochet too!

My earliest crafting memory is being taught to crochet by a friend's mother when I was about 10. I'm not sure if the lesson stuck with my friend (who went on to become Australia's Strongest Woman!!), but it certainly stuck with me, and for the next 15 years, crochet was my fibre-art of choice. A recent find reminded me of some of the weird and wonderful things I made as a child. Most impressively was this Santa, which I made without a pattern when I was about 15. He's starting to get a bit tatty with age (after all he is around 25 years old now!) but we still bring him out every Chrissy and he sits on our mantlepiece.
Actually anything I made during those years was made without a pattern, a skill that I seem to have lost as I've aged. I never developed an obsession with crochet, like I ended up developing with knitting, but it was always something that gave me a lot of pleasure when I did feel crafty, and decided to dig out the hooks..

Crochet took a big backseat when I learnt to knit. I really don't think I've done any substantial crochet since 2004, but in the past couple of weeks I've developed a real big crochet-love. I've long admired some of the clever Amigurumi I've seen around Craftster and Ravelry , but never had the desire to do any... UNTIL NOW!

It started a mere 9 days ago, and this is what I have produced:
Tree Frog

Christmas Puddings (x 3 for school teacher thank-you pressies)
And Finally Max King of the Wild Things, who I hope to have finished for another special Max for Christmas.
YAY for crochet!


Tracy said...

Santa looks like he's had a sherry or two to me ;) I love my crochet too. Nothing beats it for being dropped on a scream from the kids, you don't lose your stitches!

Rose Red said...

Crochet is great! For me, knitting generally looks better and creates a better fabric, but you can't beat crochet for some things like toys and quick gifts. I'm so glad I can do both!

egebs said...

I love the frog. Is that in one of the books? I've wanted to try some of their patterns for sometime, but have had too many other projects.

Sam said...

whoops, forgot to link the patterns, I knew I meant to.. there are linkies now!

Amanda said...

I've only managed to crochet one item once so I'm seriously impressed with what you have made.

Jeanne said...

I love the Santa - what a great holiday decoration!

I can't believe how fast you are turning out the toys - I really should learn to crochet...