Tuesday, April 27, 2010

not much of a cook.....

but this was bloody beautiful!

I've had severe cinnamon scroll cravings for a couple of weeks now, and due to the omission of dairy from my diet, couldn't rely on being able to just pick one up from a bakery. So I dragged my trusty bread-maker out from hibernation and whipped up these. Not as gluggy-goey-sticky-yummy as the ones from Cinnabon, but yummy all the same. They were well received by kids and husband too, and I really don't need to eat tea now after over-indulging! At least the cinnamon itch has now been scratched!

There has been knitting (and weaving!) going on too! This has been my most enjoyable knit lately.
The pattern name is "Echo Flower" and I've knit it in some laceweight camel hair I scored in a karma swap. The fibre itself is very smelly, although I think this has something to do with the way it had been stored, rather than the animal! I also dyed the finished shawl black, as the original natural colour was a bit blah. Maximise the picture to see the full detail, it really is a beautiful shawl and I'd highly recommend it as a great pattern. . pattern here (warning pdf!)

I'll share some weaving in my next post if I can ever get this current scarf off my loom :)


Rachael said...

Gorgeous shawl!

You must share your cinnamon scroll recipe :)

Lynne said...

That shawl is beautiful.

The cinnamon roll looks delicious.

dash robin said...

yum. looks great-both the cinnamon scroll and your shawl...you will have to take up flamenco dancing so you can swirl and swish in your shawl, it looks very glamourous.

Alrischa said...

The details are beautiful, aren't they, and I do agree that it looks much better in black ;)

Ann said...

The shawl is gorgeous & you did a beautiful dye job.