Monday, June 28, 2010

Steek it!

It's been quite a while since I've been unreservedly monogamous to a project. Sure I've knit and finished things lately, but it's been done with a twinge of longing for other projects. Not so my latest love! I am having a deeply passionate affair with The Deep V Argyle Vest. I simply cannot bear to be apart from it and it consumes my every knitterly thought. The combination of a very cool finished product, and a riveting and incredibly well written pattern have totally stolen my heart! This will be my first steeked project, and while it's not my first colour work project, it's been the most intensive and biggest. It's also the first time I've used the new Bendigo yarn "Highlands" - a beautiful rustic 8 ply tweed! It's absolutely lovely and will steek beautifully I'm sure.

I've had some issues with gauge, so have made some pretty major modifictions. It remains to be seen whether these have been effective or not - only time will tell! Hopefully my next post will boast of my beautiful new vest, and not moan about unravelling steeks!


Rachael said...

Looks awesome you clever thing!

How's work going and what are your Bendy plans?

Rose Red said...

Looks great so far - I just got the Highlands shade/sample card from Bendi today - it feels a lot nicer than I thought it would, so will be interested to see how it steeks and wears.

Ann said...

The vest looks great & you have done a beautiful job. Good to know that the new Bendigo yarn is nice as I am thinking of getting some.