Saturday, December 02, 2006

Finished crossover cardigan

Well after much internal debate as to how to tackle the sleeves, I decided to just take the woman from Ashford's word for it, and go for it. Thankfully, her word turned out to be right! The actual pattern was simple - decrease 2 stitches at the beginning of each row until 20 stitches remain.. I'm not sure why it had to be written so confusingly, when it was really very very easy. Anyway I was impressed with my seaming up, and am feeling very self-satisfied with the finished product - it is so lovely and soft, and I've had a couple of comments from people already! Amber even said, "Mummy that is the best thing you've ever knitted!" high praise indeed! My only issue with it, is that it is too warm. I've definitely done this in the wrong season! Oh and please pardon the headless photo. I asked my husband to take a photo, and it looked terrible (taken from his lofty height of 6+ feet), so my son took it instead, and took a lovely shot, except he left out my head :P


Tania said...

Sam - what a stunner! The cardigan looks fantastic too. Can wait to pat it IRL.

kymmy said...

That looks wonderful! Its been a while since i knitted for myself.
Oh and about the instructions - how frustrating.