Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New project

So I went to my LYS yesterday, with no *real* intentions of buying anything. BUT, as it happens, I found a pattern that I had eyed off a few days earlier and seeing as I had no other projects on the go (apart from the ones I'm bored with I mean....) I thought I had better get it (who am I trying to convince here?) So of course I had to get the wool there and then too, and having seen and fondled the Grignasco Tyrol on Rach's cardy and being besotted back then, and finding it tucked away actually under some shelving on the floor.. I thought well, I had *better* get it sooner rather than later. YES.. I CAN see this obsession is getting out of control. I am 6 days into summer and I am knitting a thick and toasty cardigan. I finished my other cardigan only a few days ago, and can't wear that at the moment either because of the weather. Oh well :)


Baa Bum Mum said...

PMSL I can see you crawling on the floor..knitting winter cardis in an Oz are truely mad ;)

Sam said...

yep.. good obsessions turned bad ;)