Wednesday, January 31, 2007

non-knitting related whine

not sure what's wrong with me today, but i'm all out of sorts. It was A's first day back at school and I think I missed her.. and I'm beginning to get really nervous about P's first day of school now too - the house is going to be so quiet without them here. I think I'm a bit flat too that the holidays are over, for me as well as the kids, and I'm now going to be stuck on that awful guilt treadmill over DH's requirement of me to be his PA. I made a commitment that I'd put some effort into helping him get organised and actually do something productive in my 'personal assitant' capacity - and I really *do* want to... I'm just finding it hard to get over the distate of the industry as a whole. And I guess not to mention the absolute MESS of accounts. I just don't know where to start.

All this has made me a bit *nyeh* about knitting today too. I've done 2 rows of Rogue, but I've also started to plan ahead for the next project of the Everyday Tweed by ordering 10 balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK in Boheme, which is a lovely pale blue. But I'm also now totally besotted with Wicked. So I don't know where I'm at... AND I'm really tired too because I've had trouble sleeping, sadly because I keep dreaming about Rogue cable charts.


Jack said...

I feel your pain. I am so not into the work mode yet. :(

Stitch Sista said...

Oh Sam you make me laugh (on the wool purchase that is). Do you think you could offer 'limited services'. Like 2 hours a day tops?
I mean how are you supposed to be a PA with Maxy there?
*hugs* don't worry I'm sure your weekends will be happily chaotic and you'll soon be looking forward to Monday mornings ;).

Tania said...

Ah Sam I bet it has been nice having your three around. Hugs, oops sorry about the trifle, but I could still rustle up some leftover chocolate cake. Yes Wicked is way forward.

Baa Bum Mum said...

oh what a *PA* for sure! I like your sad green frog he looks like he needs to buy more wool :P