Monday, January 29, 2007

a new look

sick of pink.. so have decided to go for something a bit more sedate! A bit sick of blogging about Rogue too, although it does CONSUME me! seriously - I have not worked on anything else over the past few days (yes... monogamous knitting!) I'm now onto the hood which I was dreading, but it's not as tricky as the instructions first appear. Infact the instructions are written with an idiot in mind - not in a condescending way, but just simply, step-by-step, and thankfully no instructions that say, 'reverse shaping' - thank-you Girl from Auntie :)

I feel I need to post a pic, but I refuse to bore anyone with more Rogue photos until the hood is finished. So with that in mind, here is a pic of one of my favourite things.. it ranks right up there alongside chocolate and coffee, but not so far elevated as yarn ;) It was a Christmas present from my Mum.. both her and my mother-in-law know me well, and I regularly get a summer pudding from Val, but this was the first Chrissy mum has come to the berry-party :)


Jack said...

He he he...your blog got spammed! Those berries look so good. What time should we arrive/ ;)

Sam said...

lol.. I know! trashed :) 11 should be good i think - looks cold though - jackets in order i believe!

Baa Bum Mum said...

ooohh yum