Monday, February 05, 2007

first day of school

I didn't cry! Patrick did though, but only because another kid took a toy off him. Everything went very smoothly. Luckily we went in the family car this morning, because once I got home and tried to start my car, I found out it had a flat battery, so missed coffee with Jacki (sorry Jack!) I'm now waiting patiently for the RACV man to come and start my car. I don't know that I'd cope with a walk to school in 38degree weather to pick up the kids, and I don't think they would cope either.. particularly Patrick who is likely to be tired after his first big day!


Tania said...

Look at patrick! What a sweetheart. Who would be mean to that? Hope he has a woderful first day and has soooo much to tell you when he gets home :)

Jack said...

Not a problem Sam, I figured something had gone a stray.

Bec said...

How gorgeous - they look so cute! :) Hope the car gets sorted - what a pita!