Monday, February 12, 2007

globby blobs

How are you meant to take a WIP shot without it looking like just a globby mess? With nothing further interesting to add apart from some progress shots of Wicked I've added a picture of a blob of knitted Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran which I hope will one day resemble this.

And in Rogue news, I am nearing the finish line. I have a finished body and hood, one complete finished sleeve and 1/3 of another sleeve currently on the needles. I'd like to finish this by the 22nd of this month, which will be a months time from when I began. Finishing is always my weak spot, and I can have things lying about for months waiting seaming, so the aim is to have the knitting finished by Friday, block over the weekend and seam up the following week... well that's the plan anyway....

Oh, and a bit of prompting from Jacki got me started on a bit of a stitch-marker making frenzy, and I've listed a few sets at the store.


Jack said...

I have my new stitch markers in my shorties in progress and they are so cool. I so needed something ordinal - my logical brain needs to have things labelled neatly. ;) Thanks Sam, glad I got you on a roll.

Bec said...

Wicked is looking awesome :) Love the stitchmarkers - my mouse is hovering over the buy now button ;)