Friday, March 09, 2007

Cashmere scarf done.

Another one done, and the WIP pile shrinks and shrinks.... Excuse the dodgy self-portrait, I simply won't ask my darling partner to take a photo of me in any of my knits. Apart from the dreadful photography, he also MOCKS me! So all my blog photography is self-posed or taken by one of my kids :) This is the cashmere scarf that I started at the end of October last year. It is truly the most silky soft yarn I have ever felt before. It's not as long as the pattern suggests it will be, using up a full ball of the cashmere, but I think it is long enough, at just on 160cm. I've never been a scarf wearer before, but will have to rectify that coming into the cooler seasons. I have totally spoilt myself this year with my 2 scarves, 2 jumpers and wrap cardy, but I plan to continue for just a bit longer!


Jack said...

Beautiful Sam. Oh and the scarf is nice too!

Tania said...

Georgeous daaaaaahhhhhling.

Baa Bum Mum said...

beautiful and simple, and you do look very stylish, congrats on getting that one off your list!