Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wool Museum and things

I've had not much to show over the last week - I've decided that WIP pictures are not very interesting when you can't get a sense of what the finished product is going to look like, and the Debbie Bliss pattern I'm knitting now still looks like a big glob of knitted fabric.. I've nearly finished it, the Molly Bolero, but it is SO big that I'm finding motivation to seam it - I really think it is going to fit me, rather than my 8 year old. On the needles otherwise I have a few soakers which I'm going to be focusing on over the next week, mainly because I don't know what to knit next! Anyway, the bolero will be finished over the weekend and I'll have some pics up by Monday (my commitment to myself!!)

In other news, I had a FABULOUS day yesterday with a visit to the National Wool Museum in Geelong. What a fascinating place! I wish I could have spent more time there sans toddler. It showed the lifecycle of wool, from off the sheeps back, to it's end application in clothing, carpet and accessories. Check out this carpet loom!
The real reason for our visit though, was to be part of the RNW knitting workshop! Not a whole lot of knitting got done, but it was great to meet some like-minded people and have a bit of a chat.. and of course to admire the beautiful woolies on display!

Thanks so much to Tikki for organising it - it really was a hit Georgie - Well done!! And to Jack for driving us, and to Tania for providing us with the actual address of Stitchery Blue, so we didn't have to drive around the block more times ;-)


Tania said...

So did you buy anything from Stitchery Blue? Did I miss out on much? M was so fast asleep I just couldn't bring myself to disturb her :)

Sam said...

nah.. you didn't miss much Tania - Jack had a field day at her fabric shop though ;)

Jack said...

Tikki has to pay for telling me about that shop. LOL I had a great day (although my credit card is a little lighter for the experience). :)

lucretia said...

I can relate to making something for your daughter that turns out big enough for you! If it's any comfort lol I've learned from this and am putting off Molly until my children reach teenage hood ;-)