Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Hoodie

Here's one I finished earlier....
This one is knit in aran weight BFL. I dyed the solid colours quite a while back, but they were too mottled for the intended project, this incarnation suits them much better. Yes, it is too small. It was never intended for Patrick. It was meant to be for my 3 year old nephews birthday which is rapidly approaching. I have tried to talk Patrick into relinquishing it, but he steadfastly refuses , it's sort of nice for him to like it so much! It does leave me with a dilemma over what to do now for my nephew... I think a beanie is in order.

Here is some more sock yarn I dyed. After not dyeing for many months, I'm on a bit of a dyeing bender at the moment. This yarn is 4 ply Cocoon by Cleckheaton - a blend of 70% wool 30% nylon. Being that there is a nylon component to this yarn, I wasn't sure whether my acid dyes would work on it, so instead, I used procion dyes, which gives beautiful depth and colour saturation, but at the same time is a big PITA to wash clear, and I don't have any synthropol on hand. As it's only for myself, I'm happy for it to have dye bleed for a while. I'm intending to use this for a pair of plain old stockinette widdershins


Ahna said...

The hoodie is fabulous! I just recently FINALLY found the perfect hoodie pattern for my I'm really inspired!

Austy's Mum said...

I love the hoodie - the colours are great! I can see why he won't give it up. Wonderful work!