Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sheep Show 2007

The annual Bendigo Wool and Sheep show is currently running this weekend, and Jack and I made the trip across to check things out and spend some money. We met up with Rach
and Tania as well as getting to meet Lori. We had a fabulous time checking out the alpacas; there were dreadlocked ones:
Fluffy ones:
And baby ones:
We also saw sheep, lots and lots of sheep - these were very large merino rams
There was coffee drinking
Wool fondling
and socks
There was not an incredible amount of stash enhancement going on (apart from Rach who bought some exquisite wool/silk blend for a jacket), but we did manage to get some Colinette sock yarn, as well as a good swag of books, and various odds and sods, including chocolate and soap. It was lots of fun! Thanks for driving Jack :)


Jack said...

We did indeed have a lovely time. :)

Stitch Sista said...

And thank you for dropping by with goodies afterwards :). 'Twas quite lovely all in all...

I know there is talk of a w/e event next year, but I think I'll be quite happy to catch the train for the day sans wee ones and that will be excitement enough (and I may even wear my coat that said yarn was purchased for if I manage to finish it by then :P)