Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Knitting Bag Challenge

A challenge was issued by Bec to reveal the contents of our knitting bags. This was a bit tricky for me, as my knitting is not normally stored in my bag - I normally have it out on the lamp table. My kids have never shown any interest in touching any of my knit stuff, so I've never really been worried about it getting ripped off needles or any such thing. This is why I was surprised (and annoyed!) when Max got into the borrowed Boye Needlemaster kit, and lost several small bits, FORCING me to have to buy one myself to replace said bits (I've still got them here Jack!). Anyway, that's neither here nor there..... so here is my knitting bag.

Things of interest:
  • my very cool tape measure, hand turned wood from a local craftsman
  • my scissors-on-a-string to stop them from getting lost!
  • HUGE pile of stitchmarkers
  • new Boye needlemaster set
  • my clever dpn protectors on my Vinnland Sock
  • big clear pouch of stuff.. I love this - it makes it easy to spot what I'm after
  • dpn roll and circ needle roll
So that's it. My actual current WIP (Ms.Marigold) is on my lamp table, nearing completion. I hope to have it finished this week, but it may never see the light of day... methinks it was a silly project for me in my current state of chubbiness :P

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