Monday, September 17, 2007

not-so-secret silk garden

The secret silkgarden knitting is no longer secret. I confessed to the intended recipient that I loved it too much and have to keep it myself.. of course I needn't have told her at all, as up until that point it was a secret well kept, but I felt guilty and I am next to useless at keeping things hidden. So here is the beginning of my clapotis.There are problems though. The 2 skeins of silk garden that I have already knit, I bought last year, and I am now unable to match the dyelot. I've ordered some more skeins from ebay of the same colour but different batch, so I am hoping that they will match ok, if not I'll frog what I have done (*sob*) and start again. Did I say how much I love this yarn? Noro Silk Garden rocks!


Ann said...

The colors are gorgeous - it's not surprising that you can't give it away!

Tania said...

Sam it's looking lovely - I wouldn't part with it either ;)

Baa Bum Mum said...

oh it's gorgeous! can I ask is that slik garden the heavy version or the light? I have 5 balls here that I can never decide on a project for and perhaps I need a clapotis after all :)