Sunday, September 09, 2007

There's been a distinct lack of finishing going on around here. Actually, there have been some FO's being churned out, but due to it being secret-knitting-business (aka early Chrissy knitting), it shall remain nameless and faceless.

What has been going on, and what I can tell you about, is knitting with cotton. I have cast on 2 separate cotton projects. The first is Green Gable in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Prosperous Plum (see previous post on stash enhancement). After a brief frogging due to supreme stupidity of not reading the pattern correctly, it has come along nicely and I'm now looking forward to miles and miles of simple stockinette.

The second project is a Juliet inspired spring cardi for Amber. I admit it. I am a tight-arse. I didn't want to pay for another Zephyr pattern. I love them, really I do, but I already have 4, and Juliet seems very very simple, and I couldn't see the sense in buying the pattern to only have to completely jigger the gauge and yarn to get it to fit Amber. So I started from scratch, and so far it's looking very good! I'm really feeling the garter-stitch love! It gives such a lovely sturdy non-roll fabric, and teemed with some simple lace it's very pretty.

I hope to have this finished soon, because to tell the truth, I'm not really enjoying it. In fact I'm not really enjoying knitting at all at the moment. Whether it's the cotton hurting my hands, or the change of season or whatever, my mojo has gone a-missing. If you see it please send it home!


Ann said...

The cardi looks good on Amber. Starting a new project is fun & I love doing that but finishing it can be a chore especially the seaming. I am not into garment knitting these days.

Tania said...

oh no Sam! But hey that cardi for Amber looks super. Maybe a bit of eye candy at the cinema will get your mojo back ;)

tikki said...

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that about buying patterns where the construction looks pretty straightforward, Sam LOL
It looks great on Amber!!!