Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm feeling clever.

Yep.. I'm feeling pretty pleased with my cleverness today. Let me count the ways.
  1. Check out my nifty progress bars! Linked directly to my projects at Ravelry - limited cleverness attributed to me, as it was merely a cut and paste code excercise, but still!
  2. I knit a pair of longies! Not that clever really, but I dyed the yarn in colours I hadn't used before which is a miracle for me. I tend to stick to a very limited palette, and this combination was a pleasant surprise.
  3. I have pretty much survived the school holidays with both sanity and children unmaimed and unscathed.
  4. I mopped the floor
  5. I have raised 3 beautiful children who were yelling through a pretend megaphone at a playground yesterday that they love me.
See? Wouldn't you feel clever too?


Lou's Mum said...

I'm very impressed with #3 & #4! I've only managed #3 so far. maybe tomorrow I'll mop the floor LOL

Sam said...

yes, it's quite sad that I find number 4 blog-worthy, but it's such a rare and momentous event I felt that it required celebration! lol

Keely said...

Oooh, yes I think you're extremely clever! Very impressive! Love the retro rib sock by the way, I'd never realised Noro Kureyon came in sock yarn! Love that colourway

Lou's Mum said...

mopping is a momentous event around here too. When it happens, I generally expect applause and possibly gifts too LOL

Stitch Sista said...

Yes you are very clever :)

Tracy said...

Yep you are very clever ;D