Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hall of Shame

I'm sure most of my blog readers have already seen the disaster that is my pair of "Monkey's", I've been sharing my embarrassment far and wide for the amusement of all. I loved knitting these, it's such a lovely pattern but alas, it was so lovely I just couldn't stop myself on the second sock, and just kept going and going. The picture tells a worse story than actually is. I have one more repeat (11 rows) on the longer sock, but I'm sure my darling daughter will not mind too much, and as an astute poster at Woolaholics mentioned, it may even become some sort of weird tween fashion statement.

In other knitting, I've cast on a hat for my Dad's birthday next week, and started some new socks that Jack and I designed yesterday. I made some modifications to the cable chart we drew up, which while in the midst of a mind-fuzzing headache, may not have been such a wise decision and I may soon have another entry for the hall of shame.


Katanya said...

lol nice one, they are stunning socks regardless :)

I've decided to tag you for the 7 facts

Stitch Sista said...

Sweetie I'm tagging you too! :D

Katanya said...

lol now you'll have to do it Sam :)

Ann said...

Anyway, the socks look great. If you wear them under a pair of pants, no one will know.