Sunday, March 22, 2009

Over indulgence

There has been a distinct lack of self control around these parts lately. Apart from the Stitches and craft show, the 20% off sale at Spotlight and the unexpected but delightful surprise of a fibre show at our local community market today, I have also succumbed to the Wollmeise lust. All I can say is that I am happy, and nearly guilt-free, to be helping to stimulate the Australian (ok... and German) economy in it's time of dire need.

So what have I acquired lately? The stitches and craft show yielded some Pear Tree, and a beginners quilting kit, the Spotty sale some Paton's Soft Haze and the market some absolutely divine Lara Downs lace cashmere and some lace merino.I also have 2 kits from Yarnissima headed my way (complete with sock pattern and the elusive Wollmeise!) as well as a mystery package currently waiting at the post office for me. I'm excitedly hoping that this is the Yarn Collective Sock Club installment by The Yarn Cafe.

And in FO news I cast off the 'Go Fly a Kite' shawl last week. This is knit in Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in Wilder Mohn (wild poppy) colourway which I was lucky enough to score off Kiwi Fi - thanks again Fi! I love both the yarn and the shawl and can't wait until I have an outing to go to where I can wear it!

Speaking of over indulgence, there is quite a bit of it hidden underneath the black outfit ;) Note to self: must improve diet.


Alrischa said...

Yarn's not an indulgence! (is it?) No; just ask your family and friends to lock up your knitting for a month, and see how they like it. hehe.

I didn't know about the market, and I missed the Spotlight sale, but I suppose it's just as well. I've "invested" in as much yarn as I can afford right now Ü.

Anonymous said...

Yarn is an investment and you really should be applauded for doing your bit for the economy.

The shawl looks hot! have changed your hair again?

Fi said...

Its stunning Sam! And it looks so nice on. The colour is perfect on you. Maybe I should destash some more and you could make me a shawl in return ;)

Kat said...

oh I agree an absolute investment, I could think of a 1000 less worthy things others are out buying with their bonus :)

god I checked out the wollmeise shop, they just have the most amaizn colourways dont they? It's a good thing I am saving

Kat said...

oh and I love the latest shawl too! stunning!

Stitch Sista said...

Gorgeous haul, and shawl :).

Yes hear hear for stimulating the economy!

Ann said...

Well, those are great buys & you did not over indulge. The shawl is lovely & you have done such a beautifuly job.

sweetp said...


And you look great

Jodie said...

The shawl looks great and I love love the colour.

seed said...

Hey Sam,

Can you let me know when you are thinking of starting the Hemlock Ring Blanket.
I would love to knit along with you, as I will need to annoy you with endless questions, and mindless banter.