Monday, March 15, 2010

More pictures less words!

I realised the other day how word-heavy my infrequent blog posts were, and how much easier and more often I would post if there were less words and more pictures. So here I am today blathering on again when I should just be showing the pics... so here they are:

Pretty earrings I got from dear friend Jack for my birthday (amongst a swarm of other goodies I should add). Also note lovely hair colour - no more grey! (for now anyway, will revert to silver when I get bored of maintaining)
close up:
Francie socks on the needles in lovely Evoke cashsock, again a pressie from Jack. The camera has washed out the colours, they are a very rich blue/black:My Tempest Cardigan finished in a record 2 weeks. Knit, yet again, in Wollmeise in Spice Market & Pesto... (I love this yarn). Knit at a smaller gauge than specified in the patten - see Ravelry entry for detailsAnd a last one of Jill our gorgeous puppy who came to live with us a little over a year ago. She is such a delight, and is very clever and funny.


Stitch Sista said...

oooh I love that cardigan. Looks fab.

I am the opposite, I have words but no pics and feel like I shouldn't post w/o pics...but too lazy to take them/upload etc.

Alrischa said...

The more pictures the better! The hair color looks great :)

Lynne said...

The ear-rings are very cute!

Cameras! What a pain! This afternoon I took photos for my blog including red-purple fabric - it looked, on the camera screen and on the monitor, like junior navy blue! I had to add red to get much closer to the true colour thus distorting the yellows! *sigh*

Ann said...

You look great in your Tempest cardigan. You are really quick too finish it in 2 weeks. Love the earrings too.

Anonymous said...

Great knits and the earrings are very cool.

Jill is gorgeous, what breed is she? we have a foster dog here that looks just like her.

catsmum said...

belated Happy Berfday
and those earrings are YOU
maybe if I find out where Jack got 'em they can be me too [ Mother's Day IS just around the corner after all ]