Friday, March 05, 2010

Hello March!

Sadly it seems that my blogging is becoming more and more sporadic. I'm afraid that a monthly catch up is about the extent of my blogging ability at the moment. Perhaps one day my life will be exciting enough to warrant more frequent updates! For now though, I have a couple of old and new projects to show off!

As most Ravellers will know, the Ravelympics have just wrapped up, after a whirlwind 17 days of competition. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the idea is to finish a new or existing project/s during the Olympic Games. The last Ravelympics was the 2008 Summer games which I didn't really participate in, but I really got swept up in these Winter games - it just seems a more appropriate event, what with all the snow, ice and coldness! Not to mention that I much prefer watching the Winter Olympic Events, especially the ice-skating!

I entered and medalled in 3 events - the WIPDancing, Mittens Moguls & Hat Halfpipe.. The WIP Dancing event required an old untouched work-in-progress to be finished by the time the Olympic torch was extinguished. I was so inspired by the camraderie and excitement of the games, that I finished in the first week! My Urban Aran was knit in Bendigo Mystique (alpaca/mohair/wool blend) 16 ply - nice and thick and chunky. I originally cast this on not long after the 2008 Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show and it languished for such a long time! I'm glad it's finished now, and I'm sure it will get a heap of wear in our cold Ballarat winter.The second project was a quickie Angora hat which I failed to get a good picture of, and thirdly were these gorgeous mittens. Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang in Wollmeise Ruby Thursday and Mistelzweig.In other news, today I've hit the big 4-0! Happy Birthday to me on my 40th Birthday. To celebrate I dyed and cut my hair to disguise the huge amount of silver that I now have.

See-you in April!


Stitch Sista said...

Sam so sorry I've missed this momentous occasion! Hope someone up there is doing some spoiling! lots of love xx

Alrischa said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you got yarn (what else is as good?) and had lots of cake Ü

Your mitts are very cute and the Urban Aran is fantastic. Looks warm and bright :D

Lynne said...

Happy birthday.

Lovely Urban Aran - it looks so good on you.

Lucky-1 said...

Happy birthday Sam. Those mittens are gorgeous. :D

Lou's Mum said...

Happy Birthday Sam :)

Rose Red said...

You did a great job on the cardi!! (and the other projects too!!).

Happy Birthday!!

Kat said...

Happy 40th!!!

I love your Urban Aran...lucky girl, getting a cold climate to knit for!

love them

great to see what you've been up to!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sam! hope it was fabulous.

Love the mitts, does wollmiese live up to it's reputation?

Sam said...

thanks for the birthday wishes everyone :)

Oh yes Kris, the Wollmeise has a very well earned reputation, if I could knit with nothing else I'd be a happy knitter!

dash robin said...

Argh! SORRY!!! I have the worst memory-EVER! But I bloody love you and you look GREAT and again more beautiful, beautiful things-love the hand mitts! Oh, and I wish I was there to celebrate with you all...happy happy happy belated birthday to the best blister a girl could ever have!!