Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Metrosexual Man

My poor hubby. He’s getting a bit thin on top, and I decided that he needed a new hat to keep his poor noggin warm. I made him a plain black beanie in some Jo Sharp Silkroad a couple of years ago, and he still wears it, but it really does make him look like a thug. I imagine that any service station attendants seeing him approaching their booth on a cold winters night would feel a vague sense of unease.

So my idea was to make him something modern, colourful, funky and dare I say it, a little bit trendy. Urbanista seemed to fit the bill nicely, even the name evokes images of street-side cafes and Sunday brunch.

The pattern itself was a joy to knit, in fact probably my first real foray into intarsia. There were lots of ends to weave in at the end, probably around 100, but this sort of finishing doesn’t really bother me. From start to finish it took 2 days, and I didn’t begrudge one moment of time I spent on it.

The final verdict? I love it! I think it is very cool and funky. Hubby’s verdict? Too metrosexual. I guess he likes the thug look.


Amanda said...


dash robin said...

It looks great-tsk, tsk, what a waste if he's not into it...maybe tell him its Scottish ;o) He looks Brucieful! Its good to see you blogging-I've missed you guys and your woolly goodness!!

Ann said...

Nice colors & I know my hubby will not be keen on it too. He also a black beanie guy.

Rachael said...

I reckon he's a pretty lucky guy being all decked out like that! Lovely hat. x