Friday, November 03, 2006

pictorial of WIP's

So from bottom to top (still learning blogger - no idea how to order pictures!) we have - the cashmere scarf - growing inch by inch, day by day.. slowly slowly.. no hurry on this one. This is a I-have-nothing-else-to-knit project, modelled by Amber.

Secondly we have V1 of crumpets. V2 is still incomplete.. I have woven some more ends in and blocked it, but still haven't really decided on strap placement.. Anyway, back to V1. Version 1 was my original colour choice, and I am still sooo in love with it. The new plan for V1 is a singlet top for Amber. I plan to continue the lattice pattern for another 4 or 5 inches, and then put a frill on the bottom and thin straps - so really a grown up girls version of crumpets :) I only restarted this today - I had to rip back about 4 inches of stockingette which took a fairly long time.. made me realise how much I had done of it before deciding it wouldn't fit (no matter how much I tried to bring it in with elastic!)

Thirdly we have the 'boudoir bootie' by Celia Ng and published in a knitting mag, which is currently misplaced! (either Yarn or creative knitting - can't remember which!) I started this on Monday 30th of October and have nearly finished the first sock.. These are my second pair of adult socks, but the first pair in this gauge wool. I'm using Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock wool in the colourway, "Black Purl". I must admit that I chose this pattern because it appeared to be a quick knit, and so far it is looking that way. Last night while I was working the instep (the lace panel), I buggered up the pattern - that will teach me for trying to watch televsion when working lace! I was wondering when I'd stuff up, and have to attempt to rip back the lace, but was hoping it would never happen. It was frightening! I was very afraid that I would end up having to rip right back to the ankle ribbing, but when I pulled back to the YO row, it was quite simple really (after a fair bit of sweating and swearing ;) )

Lastly we have a soaker (yes, i know soaker free zone and all that....) I knit this yesteray. I was bored. I wanted chunky yarn. I'm not happy with it, but will probably list it as a second.. I didn't like the increase method I used (KBF), I forgot a whole swag of short rows, and experimented with a slightly different gusset (which I do like..), and I'm not sure about the crochet finishing. I was going to frog it, but I'm sure someone will like it!

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