Friday, November 10, 2006

update on WIPs

Well actually alot of my WIPs have achieved FO status! I now have one whole finished sock!! and the second is well underway.. well it was up until 3 days ago when I dropped another stitch in the lace instep and I've been too bleh to want to tackle trying to fix it again. I dyed up a whole swag the other day too including some self-striping yarn which is currently manifesting itself in another pair of socks..

Um... I knit and felted a bag yesterday - it literally took only a few hours and will be a Christmas present for someone - more than likely one of my sister-in-laws. I was very chuffed with myself over this one! Particularly because the yarn I used was my first experimental kettle-dye which didn't turn out the way I hoped, but was totally PERFECT for this bag. The pattern was taken from Magknits

My last FO is a previously unrecorded (because I forgot that it was in my wool basket and has been for the past couple of months!) pair of shorts for Max. I picked up this wool for Spotlight in a clearance for $2 a ball. It is cleckheaton merino supreme and is a dream to knit with.. it is my favourite readily available wool (by readily available I mean in a local store). I picked it up yesterday afternoon and finished it a couple of hours ago - it only needed the crotch grafted and legs knit, so not a huge job, but I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm not sure how practical it's going to be.. it is a REALLY heavy wool and I'd imagine it will be pretty hot - but I'm sure Max will get some wear out of it on cool spring days.

And my last show and tell is my modification to the soaker that breached the 'soaker-free-zone' ruling ;) I was much happier with it once I had ripped back those horrible frills.


Anonymous said...

Nice bag, I also loved the frills (but if you aren't happy with it then thats what matters)

Max looks so grown up now too!

Sam said...

thanks Kris.. it was sooo quick to make! I'll edit the post to add a link for those interested :)

BumNRound said...

Oh my look at Max - oh he is soo adorable - I just want to eat him LOL

great bag to sam, might have to put that in the to do list along with a crumpets - yes one day maybe