Thursday, May 17, 2007

DB Bolero finished too!

Well one day finally came, and I finished seaming up and knitting the cuffs on Amber's bolero. It really hasn't been that long, only about 6 weeks, but I was on a roll after seaming the CPH, so decided to continue! It's fairly huge on her, but definitely wearable, and I think that it just runs to a big width, because I followed the sleeve directions exactly and they are a perfect length.

So I guess all up, this took from mid March, to mid May, so around 2 months. The actual knitting took less than a week. I used patons Jet in Chartreuse, about 9 balls I think! Much more than I anticipated. I was hoping to get 2 projects out of the 13 balls I bought on sale, but with only 4 balls left, the second project will have to be something small! Actually, it leaves me nervous that the 10 balls of teal Jet, that I put aside for Mum's Wicked, is not going to be enough. I'm a bit annoyed with myself that I can't remember what size needles I used either - I was hoping to save myself a swatch, but since it was over a month ago since I knitted this, I have totally forgotten whether I used 5 or 5.5mm's.

Anyway, Amber's verdict, is that it's nice but scratchy. She WILL wear it. Oh yes... she will wear it and she will like it.


Dyelicious Hand Dyed Yarns said...

She WILL wear it. Oh yes... she will wear it and she will like it.

:D pmsl!

Lou's Mum said...


I still harbour bad feelings towards my mother for all the scratchy knits she *made* me wear LOL

Jack said...

Scratchy? Hmph! Tell her she will wear it, like it and damn well enjoy it! LOL

Ann said...

Amber looks great in the bolero - kids find all knitwear stratchy - just wear a t-shirt under! I usually use cotton when I knit for my girls & they love it.

Tania said...

I'm sure she means that soft scratchy not itchy scratchy ;P

Lovely colour :D Lovely knitting!