Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another baby knit...

Here is the latest installment of teen-tiny baby knits that are consuming me at the moment! It's a knock-off of "Felix" by Jacki. I didn't have the actual pattern at the time, so I winged it based on the same starting point for the raglan increases. I love it, it's so teeny and cute! The yarn, from Jolly Jumbuck, is lovely too, although when I first got it several years ago I didn't enjoy knitting with it as I was still a recently begun knitter and my gauge was too tight for it.

I'm not sure what has inspired this sudden lust for baby knits. It's definitely not cluckiness, although a visit from Rach and her beautiful children (including the newly arrived Neko) nearly rekindled it! I don't really know anyone who's pregnant at the moment, or anyone who is planning to try any time soon. My only theory on what's causing this malady is that I'm doing "catch-up" baby knitting.

I didn't really begin knitting with gusto until after Max was born, and even then I didn't do a whole lot of knitting for him apart from soakers and longies. So the theory goes; I'm doing all the baby knitting now that I would have for my own babies if I was capable of at the time. A bit weak huh? Ah well, whatever the cause, I'm enjoying these fun, quick, stash-busting little projects, and will have a lovely stash of presents on hand for the next unsuspecting new mum!


sweetp said...

Its lovely! Baby knits are damn good for instant gratification

dash robin said...

too cute sam. maybe you should make them a tad smaller and create a dolly wardrobe? or you could make em even smaller still for premmie babies? Or go on and just have another baby, because yours seem to always turn out pretty darn nice, dont they!?