Saturday, October 18, 2008

An impromptu fishing trip.

This is such an incredibly unlikely scenario, that the fact the it was actually enjoyable is even more bizarre.

Firstly, I'm icthyophobic. This particular affliction luckily doesn't impact on most day to day activities, but it's always been the sticking point on most activites involving open bodies of water. Fishing has never, ever been on the agenda.

Patrick (6) started making noises about wanting to go fishing several weeks ago, and I mentioned this to the husband who made matching noises about going one day in the "future". Surprisingly he actually did go and buy some cheap fishing gear which then, true to form, sat in the shed unused.

Much to my surprise, as much as anyones, I suggested that perhaps this fishing expedition could take place sooner rather than later, and in closer proximately than originally planned. We live in a rather suburban area, but we are blessed with a rather large park close by. Infact my dearest sister-in-law Kate, describes it as the "100 acre wood". It has several sports fields, a Pony club, 2 lakes, several playgrounds and kilometres of running/cycling tracks. Anyway, I'd seen people fishing at the lakes, so suggested that perhaps this would be a fun way to cut our teeth at fishing!

It was lovely to sit by the lake in the sun watching the ducks with their new ducklings, dragonflies zipping around our heads, and the line cast out into the water. I must admit to being a bit sceptical about the possibility of us catching anything at all, so was VERY surprised when something bit while our nephew Will was holding the rod. I was even more surprised to find myself reeling it in, but then panicked at the last, and gave it to the husband to finish. Patrick grabbed the net and caught a lovely little silver fish about 20cm long. I must admit to viewing all this from a distance, as the icthyphobia kicked in, but it was all very exciting! The fish was unhooked, the offer of kissing it declined, and it was released back into the pond amidst cheers. Due to the complete unlikeliness of the whole situation, I'd forgotten to take my camera, so I have no proof of our catch, but if I did, it wouldn't really look like this:


Jack said...

Ahhhh Photoshop. Is there anything it can't do.

dash robin said...

I am impressed sam! You are transforming that fear, into fishy fun! Soon you will be knitting little fish...I can't beleive there is also a lake in that park, we really did just scratch the surface when we romped about there!

Irene said...

Lovely lovely lovely! I do enjoy fishing but haven't done if for years... good on you for going along with the kids :)

Tania said...

Thanks for the laugh all round! Looks and sounds like a great day was had by all though.

BumNRound said...

Sam if you guys threw that fish back, you need a smack on the bum. That's a very nice fish.